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Using X Mind 8 to organise Wordpress categories and tags

In my last post I talked about overhauling my WordPress site with much of the work on the backend in the WordPress dashboard. I have been using X Mind 8 and WordPress to tidy up my categories and tags.
Part of my WordPress website overhaul and re-organisation includes organising my category and tag hierarchy. There are a few reasons for doing this. One was the keywords and categories were becoming quite random and disorganised and needed a tidy up. In doing this, I cut down the number of categories to 4 and am using keywords to do the rest of the “categorising” of posts.
However, I should have done this from the start, however, there was a learning curve to setting up WordPress, and in the enthusiasm to get it live, organisation of categories and tags inside of WordPress was not addressed too well.

X Mind 8 Mind Mapping Software

This is where X Mind 8 comes in. Rather than a slap-dash approach again, I needed to see a clear organisational layout and structure of my categories and tags. This was so I could see a hierarchy that makes sense.
X Mind 8 has helped me greatly in this process. I have used a Logic Chart layout from the layouts.  I organised my categories down to 5 broad ones: Music, Motivation, Education, Software, and Uncategorised. From this I created and utilised more tags for category refinement.


Changing Categories and Tags in WordPress

Furthermore, within WordPress there is the option the change categories to tags and vice-verse under Tools—Available Tools—Categories and Tags Convertor. This made the task of cleaning categories and tags easier in WordPress.
There was some editing of posts and deleting some categories and tags from posts. I added categories and tags to other posts all done in the posts dashboard of WordPress.

— x mind 8 and wordpress for categories and tags organisation —

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