There are many cognitive, social, and emotional benefits to learning a musical instrument or listening to music in general. Much of the research is highly scientific and inaccessible to the majority of teachers, parents, students, and musicians. This page aims to relay current music research to as many interested readers as possible. 

There is so much to learn and enjoy from musical experiences and music education. If you are like me, you enjoy reading the little details and research findings in music. I hope to bring a better understanding of the benefits of music education.

iteachpiano blog has been running for several years. It is a place where I think through my ideas and research regarding music teaching and motivation.

I am currently studying a Ph.D in Education. More specifically, teacher motivation. Prior to this I have completed a B.Mus.Ed, M.Mus, M.Ed, Grad Cert in Music Ed. (I love learning!).

This blog also helps me to write, particularly for my Ph.D where there is so much information to take in and understand, clarity can become an issue.

Writing a blog helps me to clarify what I know and to convey it in a way that can be understood by many. In a sense I am developing my “Elevator Pitch”.

Although this blog is primarily about music education and motivation, my research about teacher motivation has taken me into other areas which are incredibly interesting.

From time to time, my posts may stray from music education, although they will tend to hover around areas linked to motivation and learning.

I guess that is the purpose of a blog—to convey my thoughts and ideas via an online diary.