Teacher Skill

In all areas of education, there has been an accumulation of knowledge and methods for effective teaching and learning. Music is one area with a long history of teaching methods and training. A beginner needs an effective teacher. An effective teacher is one who can foresee future skill demands for the student, and can organise them into a sequential method of learning for their student.
If simpler, fundamental skills are not acquired properly in the first instance, the development of more complex skills for difficult repertoire will be harder to master. Effective student improvement depends on the teachers’ ability to identify and isolate skills through a series of training tasks. These tasks are progressive in their challenges and build in incremental levels, the skill development of the student.
Teachers’ who give students tasks of mindless drills and technical work, without the forethought and instruction as to how these activities will strengthen and improve the students’ skill level and its application to current repertoire, will diminish the returns achieved in practice time completed by the student.

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