Scapple MindMapping Software

Literature and Latte have put out a new app called Scapple.

Scapple Link

I have beun to use this soft are after havging purchased and used several other mind mapping apps such as SimpleMind.




For me, writing in the field of education, I have found I need a mind mapping software that does not limit the way I make connections. This is what has appealed to me with Scapple, I can link any thoughts in any direction I like. With SimpleMind I have found the linking to be more hierarchical and thus limiting to the way I want to operate. Having said that, I have given SimpleMind a good go and there are features I like about it such as the ability to link to external documents.

Scapple does include many other features such as changing colours, enclosure types, use of notes, ability to export into a number of formats. I have only used Scapple a little but I like the way it works and the way it can integrate with Scrivener, which is another app from Literature and Latter I use a lot.

My example is very basic, but here it is. I tried doing something similar in SimpleMind and felt locked-in to its hierarchical way of linking. This is where I think I will move to Scapple for its freedom of linking. 

Research Questions Mind Map

This is version 1 of Scapple and I am sure as the app more features will be added.

Scapple is available for USD$14.99 and has a 30-day free trial.


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