Parents sitting in on lessons

I get many parents sitting on lessons with their children. Young children as well as teenagers (when permitted!). Is there a benefit to the child’s learning? Most definitely. Parent-teacher interaction has been found to be a critical part of child musical development in studies done by Davidson, Sloboda, Howe and Moore. 

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Parents are able to take away with them the information for what should be done during home practice. At younger ages, children can find it difficult to work in an isolated manner and apply all the teaching and learning strategies encountered during the lesson. This is where parents, in a supportive role, can help young students in their practice routine. As the child matures, a less supervisory role is required as the student develops a more autonomous practice routine.

Practice assistance during the week in preparation for the next lesson is beneficial for younger students. The benefit is in the progress and musically successful experiences the child will encounter. Successful experience will motivate future learner behaviour and encourage positive perceptions of ability and overall self-efficacy at this activity.



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