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6 things parents & teachers need to know about music lessons for girls.

By iteachpiano | October 9, 2020

It can be worthwhile to understand girls’ self-beliefs and provide positive support in terms of their ability to be a good musician and reach higher levels of expertise.

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Music Technology and Music Composition for HSC – notation issues.

By iteachpiano | September 27, 2020

Not my usual type of blog post, but I thought this is important to share.  Music at the HSC level can allow for students to select composition as an elective choice for both Music 1, 2 and extension courses. In Music 2 it is compulsory. Composition is not easy and…

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Practice strategies of instrumental music students: Explicit instruction and transfer

By iteachpiano | September 9, 2020

The effect of explicit instruction protocol across 6 lessons for band students. The results found the treatment condition of explicit practice protocols demonstrated significant changes in performance scores from pre-test to post-test in the treatment condition groups.

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Music concert sinage

Children’s emotions at work in a Music Performance competition.

By iteachpiano | August 9, 2020

Performance practice is a vital part of any musician’s expertise. Familiarity in competitions allows musicians to develop the motivation and cognitive control required to be a performer on stage.

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Blog post on mystic psychology. The effect of music on our emotions

The “musical friend” in times of need: Listening to music can help to improve mood.

By iteachpiano | August 2, 2020

Private engagement of music listening improved listeners mood and empathic processes. There appears to be a beneficial effect of musical engagement as music can act as a social surrogate in the absence of sympathetic others. Indeed, music is a “musical friend” in times of need.

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Expertise in studio music lessons: What do we know?

By iteachpiano | July 28, 2020

One-to-one instrumental lessons are common for music students. For many of us, this is how we learned over many years. Despite evidence and research into effective classroom and applied music studio teacher at university level, little is known about expertise in studio music teaching at a local level (ie: your local piano or violin teacher).

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young girl playing violin

Achievement goal orientation and learning strategies as predictors of musical creativity.

By iteachpiano | June 5, 2020

How does achievement motivation affect musical creativity? First we have to understand what musical creativity and achievement motivation is.

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Guitar student and teacher during lessons

Music student well-being

By iteachpiano | May 27, 2020

More attention is being paid to the well-being of students. It is understood that without a healthy psychological well-being, success musically or academically is challenging.

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Solfège notation example Denise Bacon (1978)

Teaching pitch and notation skills to students

By iteachpiano | May 20, 2020
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Devonthink 3 logo and blog title

Devonthink 3: Workflow improvement

By iteachpiano | May 18, 2020

Devonthink 3 has been out for a little while now. With all software we rely on heavily, a major update can be concerning for some.

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