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new blog post on music and emotions

Is musical sadness a thing?

By iteachpiano | June 4, 2021

It is well-known that music can evoke emotional responses. When listening to music, we can both perceive and experience emotional responses.

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Youtube music lessons picture of a rock concert

Youtube music lessons: Do they work?

By iteachpiano | May 28, 2021

Are music lessons on YouTube a viable option? Some evidence that they are so long as a particular approach is used.

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musical expertise

Who has the most musical expertise?

By iteachpiano | May 25, 2021

A new research article which discusses and tests musical expertise in trained musicians via aural tests.

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Chinas Piano craze

China’s ‘Piano craze’

By iteachpiano | May 22, 2021

Piano learning in the context of schooling during China’s ‘Piano craze’ and beyond: motivations and pathways.

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Writing music in layers: A procedure for music notation

By iteachpiano | January 11, 2021

Procedure to teach students how to write music notation using the Photoshop concept of layers.

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Music handwriting: expert verses novice musician

Differences in writing music by hand: Beginner and Experienced Musicians

By iteachpiano | January 6, 2021

Experienced musicians are more likely to write chords from bottom to top, starting with note heads first, then stems and beams, and finally adding musical expression markings.

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Music, maths, and reading achievement: Are they related?

Music achievement and its relationship to maths and reading achievement. Does it exist?

By iteachpiano | January 3, 2021

Music is seen as powerful force in learning improvement and is recognised around the world, even former president of the United States Bill Clinton (quoted in Mark, 2002, p. 67) expressed that “learning improves in school environments where there are comprehensive music and arts programs. They increase the ability of…

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Piano keyboard

Piano instruction improves children’s executive functioning

By iteachpiano | December 29, 2020

The researcher’s results demonstrated that children’s executive functioning improved after 12 months of piano instruction.

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Deliberate practice for popular musicians

Deliberate practice for popular musicians

By iteachpiano | November 1, 2020

How do popular musicians go about their deliberate practice and who supports them in this process? Is there a difference between beginner (young), intermediate (semi-pro), and professional popular musicians and how they learn?

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5 Differences in memorisation of male and female piano students

By iteachpiano | October 24, 2020

Many pianists are required to perform from memory in exams and performances. It is a skill that is expected of musicians, but overlooked in piano lessons as something that needs to be actively taught. How do you teach memorisation?  It is assumed that music is memorised simply by practising more,…

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