Opportunity to participate in a study about gender and music

Opportunity to participate in a study about gender and music


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Dear all,
last year, the founding editor of Psychology of Music, Dr Desmond
Sergeant, and myself published what proved to become a very successful
article in Frontiers of Psychology / Cognitive Science, titled “Gender
and the Performance of Music”. Information about free access to this
article is provided within my email signature.
We are now following up with this research with a particular focus on
gender and musical composition.
The systematic acquisition of data is multidimensional, and we have
been quite successful in recruiting participants for all but one
strand of this research, the independent evaluation of the musical
extracts themselves.

This is a very simple listening test, that has absolutely nothing to
do with gender, and absolutely nothing to do with musical ability.
SOLELY your personal belief regarding some musical characteristics of
the piece (the composition itself).
Practically, we need you to listen to 36 classical music extracts and
rate them on 4 different scales.
This should be quite an exciting endeavour, as we have worked very
hard to create a compilation of pieces that are fairly unknown.
We would be grateful if you could contribute to our research. This
should last anything from 15 minutes to 45 minutes (depending on
whether you would like to enjoy the full extract before making a

The link to the online listening test is:

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and participation.

all best wishes,


Dr Evangelos Himonides FBCS CITP
Reader in Technology, Education and Music
iMerc Co-Director
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University College London

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