Merge documents in Devonthink Pro

When working with journal articles in Devonthink, I like to make lots of notes using rich text notes. I use a script called note on source which creates an automatic link to the pdf I am working on. Merge documents in Devonthink Pro is a handy feature when accruing lots of smaller text documents.

Note on Source Script.png


The result is many smaller documents. I also use the feature Set Title As available in the contextual menu.

Set Title As


Using the Merge feature, I can now merge all the smaller rich text documents into one large document while retaining all the smaller documents.

Data - Merge



The result is a file called “Merged Documents”

Merged Documents


This may be beneficial for those who want to keep all the smaller text files as is and begin to edit the larger merged document. The benefit is the ability to take the merged document into another program like Scrivener and begin to work on the document in that app rather than link to or copy a whole bundle of smaller text files.

The merged documents will retain all the links to the original source document plus a link to the original smaller rich text file.

Merged Document retains links

I find this a  handy feature when working with many smaller text files.

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