Markdown for Music Bloggers

Discovering Markdown for Music Bloggers

I have known about Markdown for a while but put off investigating how I could or would use it because it was simple another thing to learn. In this day and age of having to learn so many things from for writing and developing and hosting my own websites. I put off learning about markdown thinking it could not improve my workflow and efficacy.

However, I have spent the last few weeks learning little by little the capabilities of Markdown and I can say that I think its going to change my workflow for ever. Markdown has made the speed of creating blog posts and writing notes about little things I need to remember so effortless.

In fact this post is written completely in Markdown and when I’m finished, all I have to do is copy and paste it into WordPress and all the heading levels and other pieces for formatting are done. I now no longer have to set heading levels in WordPress blocks or choose blocks for my layout.


Markdown is a text to html convertor which allows me to write quickly with minimal formatting but just enough for it to translate into html web text ready for WordPress. Couldn’t be simpler. There is some syntax to learn but its not hard.

Devonthink Pro 3

I am also writing this using Devonthink Pro 3 which is where I keep all my documents relating to this music education website and other websites. I have a few other posts about how I organise my research notes for Music posts. These include research pdfs from journals, and other notes and images to get it all together for a music research blog post. That is another post to write about my workflow which incorporates Devonthink and websites for bloggers and musicians.

All in all, I can say that Markdown should be seriously considered if you are a blogger or a musician with a WordPress website. It is very simple to use.

I think I will have a lot more to say on this workflow with Markdown in the future.

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