iPhone Practice Apps

I use my iPhone to log my practice sessions and take notes. The app is Musicians Practice Journal by Axe Monkey software. I have been using the paid verison for 12 months. It is a good tool to log practice times, particularly when you think you have done ‘x’ amount of hours practice today when in fact it is not the case and is often less than your estimate.
The apps allows you to organise repertoire into folder, allocate colours to each piece of identification, add practice notes, add final tempo and track increases in tempo. It allows you to display the hours practiced each day as a colour coded bar graph and a point to point graph to track increase in tempo.
It is easy to navigate and a good all-round tool for logging practice time. I have looked at other apps available, however this one was simple to use and did not have extra bells and whistles to distract me from just logging practice time.

Musicians Practice Journal

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