Flexible Lesson Arrangement

I have been considering for some time the situation of lessons for Adult students. Although I have had some great adult students who are committed and turn up for lessons on a weekly basis, the majority seem to find last minute reasons to cancel or do not commit further than a few months or even weeks. Even charging for lessons in advance did not seem to work too well.

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I understand the busy nature of life these days and perhaps the weekly lesson commitment may not be ideal at all. A shift in thinking and perception about the traditional weekly lesson model is needed. It may open up new possibilities for instrumental lessons to those who consider the weekly lesson commitment is not for them. Instrumental teachers may need to shift their perceptions about the traditional weekly lesson model.

An idea I am trialling is the flexible lesson arrangement. Adult students can arrange for lessons on an ad-hoc basis, maybe once every few weeks. We negotiate a lesson time, or several lesson times in advance. 

Income is a consideration, I get that, but perhaps the opportunity to have a few more students on an informal basis is worth it. This idea would also open up more weekly lesson times for not filled by adult students, for school students who need the traditional routine of weekly lessons, and are often more regular in their attendance. I see that as a win-win.

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