I am in the midst of trying to organise all my data for my course and have decided to go with Devonthink Pro Office as my solution. I had been trialling it on and off for a while now and have also tried other software such as SOHO and Yojimbo. I was primarily looking for a way to manage all my electronic journal pdf’s and associated notes and Devonthink proved to be a one-stop solution.

Although only in the initial learning phases of the software, Devonthink is proving very useful. I have discovered many duplicates of pdf’s, so it is forcing me to sort and decide where to put my data and to remove duplicates.¬†

Tagging is a feature I really like and developing a habit of tagging all new material allows me to quickly find it again.

The Office pro version also included OCR recognition so pdf’s can be converted to text and are searchable. The other feature I really like is the ability to annotate and make notes of an electronic journal article with the pdf linked to directly to those notes.

Although there is still so much more to discover about this software, it is certainly freeing up my time so I can concentrate on doing what I should be doing.

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