Devonthink, Wikilinks and Endnote

Devonthink, Wikilinks and Endnote

I use wikilinks a great deal in Devonthink to link to other journal articles for my research.

I use several wikilinks for each article:

1. Author (date)

2. (Author, date)

3. Endnote placeholder. This is taken from Endnote using cmd+c (mac).

Types of Wikilinks used

It may seem a little redundant to include three types of Wikilinks, however, I have found that when writing notes in Devonthink, more alternatives can help.

See another post on the use of wikilinks 

The use of the Endnote place holder is ideal for when I want to use that piece of writing for something more important. The placeholder is already in my notes, I export that document as text, whilst keeping to original document with the placeholder in Devonthink, and then run it through Endnote – Format paper. This last point is important. Keeping the original document in Devonthink (or Scrivener) as once it is formatted in Endnote those placeholders are gone and this makes it cumbersome when it comes to further revision and finding and reinserting all those placeholders again. Keeping track of revisions of notes is something of which I have become increasingly aware—via trial and error!

There may be more efficient ways to link to documents or to search Devonthink for related articles and that’s the beauty of Devonthink, there is more than one way to develop a workflow to suit your needs.




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