Devonthink Smart Groups

Devonthink has smart groups which help to automatically collate information. One smart group I have created is one called “Added this week”. I did this as I am writing so many notes on articles and books during the week, that I needed a way to recall this information quickly so I can decide what to add to my literature review.

Devonthink Smart Groups

I organise all my journal articles into groups (folders) and put all my notes into these groups with the replicant of the original pdf. However, seeing the most recently summarised and critiqued articles is not obvious without going into them and looking at the date. Time consuming.

Group Organisation

The Smart Group added this week will give me all my notes residing in these colour coded folders written within the last 7 days. Green means completed, as in read, summarised and critiqued. Smart Groups can also be developed for colour codes as well.

The Smart Group date option can vary according to what you need.

Smart Group date options

Smart group based on rich text documents written in the last 7 days

Smart group search result


Overall, Devonthink Smart Groups are a quick way to collate and access information, particularly when dealing with many notes in a variety of folder or group locations.

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