Devonthink: Replicants, duplicates, and colour labels

I am a big fan of colourising folders and files. I use colour labels in Devonthink to indicate the stages of a document in my workflow. I also use replicants a great deal. All my research pdfs will go into a journal article folder and I replicate the original document to other places in Devonthink according to my needs.

This was working well until I discovered I was having trouble identifying replicants with coloured labels applied.

The first screenshot is my use of colour labels. One of these folder is a replicant though I cannot tell until I remove the colour label.

Colour labels in Devonthink


This is the folder without the colour label. I can now see it is a replicant because it is in RED.

Colour labels in Devonthink

Colour labels in Devonthink and replicants

In Devonthink preferences you can turn off the colour for duplicates and replicants.

Devonthink preferences  - general

Devonthink preferences – general

The result is a small double square icon placed at the end of the folder/file name to indicate it is a replicant.

Replicant icon at the end of the file name


Although I like to use of RED for replicants as they are quick to identify, I use colour labels frequently and prefer the have the colour label facility available with the double square icon to represent replicants. Flexibility is key to using this software.

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