Devonthink: Part II

As I continue to dive into Devonthink, here are some more discoveries. OCR feature. I knew existed and it is why I purchased the Office Pro version to get this feature. How seamlessly this works. Previously, I was using another application to do the same task. This was time consuming and distracting (software distractions are my downfall). Devonthink OCR’d the document and I continued to work on it. Simple.

AI – the artificial intelligence feature is another feature I used today while searching for some notes I had made summarising a text book. The notes and the book were in two different places and I could not find the notes. The AI feature was enabled on the book and it found the corresponding notes quite quickly. I tagged everything appropriately, moved the notes into a global research notes folder and I was done.

I think I am going to be a tagger type user with this application. Large, all encompassing folders with tags to filter results. At the moment I have too many smaller folders all named for their specific contents, which means finding things that are not tagged can be a problem (the AI helps). I like to create smart groups based around tags, so the tag feature suits me for what I am doing at the moment. I am progressively tagging all my documents.

And a word on tags, I am finding less is more. I try to use no more than 3-4 tags, usually less, on a document. I’ m not sure how well this will work as the number of documents continues to grow, but a combination of tags plus other features should help to make document and data searching simpler.

I am also using this application as an overlay to my files rather than moving my files into the database. It means a little extra thought when creating or moving files, to make sure they are sent to external folder and the indexing is up to date.

My workflow is starting to resemble a seamless flow rather than a start-stop-start procedure. Happy days.

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