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Devonthink 3.0

Devonthink 3 has been out for a little while now. With all software we rely on heavily, a major update can be concerning for some. Changes to workflows hat are used frequently can be altered, Menus and layouts we become accustomed to can change. Thesis things present a new learning curve and take time to adjust to. For those in the midst of research and time poor, these changes can create substantial headaches.

Initial confusion

Initially, I was a little confused about changes to layout and some menus. However, the Devonthink 3 update has refined workflows for me in several ways. New features has in fact enhanced the way I work for some things. A new feature—summaries of text highlighting—is a very welcome feature and has removed some of the workarounds surrounding annotations and notes I made on research pdf’s.

Devonthink 3 summarise highlights

The highlighting feature is a great feature when you need to capture ideas quickly. Once done with highlighting there is the open to format as rich text or markdown. This feature I find handy to get major ideas together and then make my own notes. 

This is one of a number of new features I am enjoying discovering. Several more to follow.

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