Big news in the Music Notation world today!

Big news in the Music Notation world today!: “

We have two announcements today that are of great interest to anyone who is an iPad toting musician!

The first one is from, they have announced their kickstarter project. This gives all of us a real good sense of where they are in the development process of this app. I will let you for your own opinions on this project and the pricing tiers they have set up.

The best announcement today though comes from! Today they have announced that on January 24 they will release NoteFlight as an HTML5 web based service. For those of you that don’t understand what that means…

NoteFlight has been a flash based web app since it was released. That means it would not work on an iPad (without using a special browser and even then not that great). Now that NoteFlight is going to HTML5, NoteFlight will be able to work on an iPad or even an iPhone! Here is the link to the news release.

Noteflight has great pricing – there is a basic limited version for free and then it goes up from there. For those of us in the Educational World here is their pricing page. Their prices are about what I would normally spend to update Finale or Sibelius in any given school year.

In order for you to get a good idea of the possibilities of NoteFlight in a classroom you should go watch this video. Right now!

You can even do fun things like sync a YouTube Video with a NoteFlight score!

(Via iPad and Technology in Music Education.)

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