Latest research on the benefits of music education for teachers, students, and parents. Tips for practising, motivation, performance, & more.

Past HSC Music 1 Aural Skills Exam Questions

By iteach piano | September 27, 2021

Past HSC Music 1 Aural Skills exam questions. Past exam questions for HSC music study and exam preparation.

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Cleantalk Anti-Spam for WordPress

By iteach piano | September 27, 2021

CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugin for WordPress for spam protection.

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Markdown for Music Bloggers

By iteachpiano | September 26, 2021

Markdown for music bloggers. Improve your WordPress workflow.

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Musicians have bigger brains. Music and neuroscience.

Musicians have bigger brains

By iteachpiano | July 8, 2021

Did you know that the motor cortex in musicians is bigger than in non-musicians? Neuroscience is telling us a lot about musicians, language and the brain.

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playing the piano

Buying a Piano for a beginner? 6 pro’s and con’s

By iteachpiano | July 7, 2021

Its’s a perennial question for piano teachers and parents. What should I buy— a piano or an electric piano or keyboard?

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20 tips on how to buy a used piano

20 tips on how to buy a used piano

By iteachpiano | July 6, 2021

Learning the piano is a fun and joyous experience. Finding the perfect instrument is difficult. Here are 20 tips for piano lovers to find the perfect piano.

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Wordpress bulk move Posts, categories and tags

WordPress bulk move Posts

By iteach piano | July 3, 2021

As I reorganise my site I have found some a neat plugin called WordPress Bulk Move Posts to help organise to different categories and tags.

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Using X Mind 8 to organise WordPress categories and tags

X Mind 8: WordPress organisation

By iteachpiano | July 2, 2021

I have been using X Mind 8 and WordPress to tidy up my site. X Mind 8 provides a useful visual organisation of my WordPress categories and tags.

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Wordpress Bulk Move Posts

WordPress SEO: Overhauling my site

By iteachpiano | June 30, 2021

I have been up to my elbows in reconfiguring and overhauling some of the back end to this WordPress site for better SEO. I am not a power expert on WordPress but over the years I have learned my way around this blog hosting software. WordPress Categories and Tags Firstly,…

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All-in-one WP Migration

By iteachpiano | June 23, 2021

Using All-in-One WP Migration to move my WordPress Site.

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